?What is Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the most important applied science at present. It is more powerful than atomic energy and much more suitable for many branches like agriculture, medicine, food industries, chemical industries, and so on.

Biotechnologists find the ways to induce living beings to produce what we need and we cannot make them with other ways that are more expensive than biotechnologic methods.

They change characteristics of living beings for their aims. Sometimes they give some qualities to useful plants or animals to help them for resistance against hard states or bad conditions.

Sometimes they give living cells an ability to produce some materials, which is useful for industries and they are very expensive.

Sometimes they make a whole plant or animal from one cell and this new living being has all properties of the single cell. This method is named micro-propagation or cloning. It will be very dangerous because if you can clone a human many problems like religious, ethical, social problems may occur and it is possible that one person or a group who have this knowledge abuse these methods.

Many big and rich companies work on biotechnologic research to make money and they are very successful.

The countries that do not have these technologies will not progress and they need other countries that they will have them.

At last, if you do not work on biotechnology and do not know it well, you will be weak in the future and others exploit you.

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